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Scanning of technical drawings A4 - A0
Reproduction of scanned drawings.
Protection of data from fire or destruction through data security on CD or DVD, (CD or DVD copy).
Integration of the pixel file format TIF in CAD programs Format.
Software for conversion of scanned data.
Secure your files from loss or destruction.





File or data loss caused by fire or floods result in scenarios of horror which has been fact over the past few years. Such spontanious destruction or loss can be crucial to the future of a company!





As time elapses technical drawings can deteriorate.

Paper becomes brittle, yellowish, ink fades, coffee stains are visible, oily fingers prints show signs of age....





”Where did I lay the drawing”….?

Who placed the drawings in the wrong file drawer? Constant searching costs time and money!
Wrong drawing used... Wrong equipment produced... Current revision status negative...
Typical situation, the drawings are layed out on paper or transparents in a drawing cabinet where the area for the cabinet could be used for something else.






A modern updated digital archive ensures data security, high information access, increased productivity, reduces errors, saves area, sinks costs, and is essential in today’s modern company.

The format A4 – A0 drawings are read and digitalized and allows the drawings to be viewed on a standard PC.
Revisions, alterations or labeling can be implimented on the drawings through the assistance of a special software. We offer you a competent and reliable scanning service.

Discretion is our own internal standard! We will guarantee total confidentiality with your drawings! The drawings are read, reworked and finally the data is memory saved on a CD or DVD. Our services are very interesting for middle level companies by eleminating internal purchase of scanning equipment and addidtional personell.

We welcome your contact and further discussions on the subject.


Scanning procedure